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Register Azure AKS Cluster

  1. In order to register an Azure Cluster, you must first register the Azure Cloud Account in gopaddle. Follow these steps to register the Azure Cloud Account.

  2. Download and install Azure CLI by following these steps.

  3. Login to Azure account and get the KubeConfig to access the cluster:

az login
az aks get-credentials --resource-group <resource-group-name> --name <azure-cluster-name>

If you don't have a Bastion Host setup, and if the server value in the Kubeconfig points to a private IP address:

a) Replace the server value to a publicly accessible Cluster Master API Endpoint

b) Make sure the firewall is open for the Cluster Master API port

c) Make sure the Cluster certificate is attached to the Public IP. Here is an example of how to update the certSANs with the public IP. -

  1. In the gopaddle UI, navigate to the Environments section and click on Add a Cluster.

  2. Choose Register an existing Cluster

  3. Provide the cluster name. The cluster name must match the AKS Cluster name in the azure portal.

  4. Select the Cloud Provider as Azure

  5. Select the Azure Cloud Account registered in step 1 and Provide the Subscription ID and the Resource Group Name

  1. In the Authentication Step, upload the Kubeconfig file gathered in step 2.

  1. If you have configured a bastion host, provide the Bastion Host IP, SSH Pem file, SSH port

If you are using a Bastion Host setup, make sure the Bastion Host IP and Port are accessible publicly. If you are looking for a private only setup, get in touch with us to explore gopaddle Enterprises.

  1. Click on Finish to register the AKS Cluster.

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