Getting Started

Flexible models suited for Developers, Startups and Enterprises

Subscription and Installation Modes

gopaddle is offered in two modes:
  1. 1.
    SaaS subscription - gopaddle is available as a pay-as-go SaaS subscription. The SaaS platform is hosted and managed by the gopaddle team. You can subscribe to gopaddle at https://portal.gopaddle.io
  2. 2.
    On-premise installation - gopaddle can be installed on your own infrastructure. gopaddle on-premise is available in two editions:
(a) Community Edition - The Community Edition is a life-time free edition, designed for single user, single-node installation. This edition manages the local Kubernetes cluster and the workloads running on the cluster. The Community Edition is available on a variety of marketplaces as a single command installer.
(b) Enterprise Edition - The Enterprise Edition is designed for multi-node installation and is suitable for larger teams looking to provision and manage multi-cluster environments across on-premise and cloud. If you already have a community edition, you upgrade to Enterprise edition. Talk to our support for an upgrade.