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Raise a Jira Ticket from Chat Window

gopaddle features handy built-in commands for chatting your way into seamless Jira integration. Effortlessly turn the AI's troubleshooting insights into a new Jira ticket or update an existing one with fresh info, directly from the chat window.

Setting up Your Jira Account & Project

Note: The chat window currently doesn't remember your preferred Jira account and project settings. Each time you start a chat, it will automatically pick the first Jira account and project available as the default choices.

Setting default Jira Account and Project (Optional)

  1. List the Jira accounts registered with gopaddle.

  1. Select a Jira account.

  1. Once the account is selected, list the projects and select a project.

Creating or Updating Jira Issue with AI Content

A new Jira issue of type “Bug” can be created with the information generated by the AI. All the contexts added to the Chat will be added as an attachment to the issue.

Issue Type - Bug

Make sure an issue type “Bug” exists in your Jira Project.

  1. Use /jira create issue to create a new issue.

  1. Use /jira issue list to list all the Jira issues associated with this chat window

List of all available commands to interact with Jira

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