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Azure AKS

Provision Azure AKS Cluster using gopaddle

Multi-cloud Cluster Provisioning and external Cluster Registration capability is available only on gopaddle SaaS and Enterprise editions.

Provisioning Clusters on Cloud Required corresponding Cloud Accounts to be registered first.

  1. In gopaddle UI, navigate to the Environments section

  2. Click on Add a Cluster and choose Create Cluster on Cloud

  3. In the Cluster Creation Cluster step, choose the Cloud Provider type as Azure, the Cloud Account registered and the Azure Subscription in the account.

  1. Select the SKU - either Free or Paid and Select Regions where the cluster has to be created.

  2. Proceed the steps in Creating a Node Pool to add the configurations to provision a System Nodepool.

  3. In the Autoscaling Rule Sets, configure the VMSS Autoscaling rule. Please check the VMSS Autoscaling Rules for more information.

  4. Click on Finish to provision the AKS Cluster.

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