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Chat with AI

This page guides users on how to seamlessly integrate and interact with an AI assistant in gopaddle for Kubernetes resource management.

Kickstart Conversations with Your AI Assistant in gopaddle

After you've got your AI assistant up and running in gopaddle, diving into the details of your Kubernetes clusters becomes not just insightful but also interactive. Here's how to get started:

  1. Open the Chat: Click on that chat icon to bring up the chat dialog. On the left side of this dialog, you'll see a list of topics or "contexts" related to the resource you're interested in. These contexts give your conversation direction and depth.

  2. Choose Your Context: Found a context that piques your interest? Click the + icon next to it. This action moves the context into the chat dialog, setting the stage for your query or command.

  3. Give the Green Light: To send this information over to the AI, type /approve. Not quite what you wanted? /deny will keep it out of the chat. Need a bit of guidance? /help brings up all the options you have at your disposal.

  1. Dive Deeper: With the context approved, you're ready to get specific. Use /troubleshoot or /optimize to refine your query, whether you're looking to fix an issue or improve resource performance. Feel free to add more context or ask additional questions in your own words beyond the specific commands.

  1. Gather Insights: After you've sent off your request, the AI, powered by ChatGPT, will serve up troubleshooting tips or optimization advice, complete with the context you've provided.

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