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Create Runbook from Chat Window

The troubleshooting information generated by AI can be stored as a runbook.

If a runbook hub exists, then this hub can be used to store the troubleshooting information.

Default Runbook Hub

Currently Chat Window does not persist the default Runbook Hub details. Every time the chat window is opened, the first available Runbook Hub (if any) will be set as the default Runbook Hub.

Setting default Runbook Hub (Optional)

  1. List the available Runbook Hubs

  1. Select the default Runbook Hub

Creating Runbook with AI Content

A new Runbook can be created with the information generated by the AI.

  1. Create a runbook by sending the command /runbook create

Once the runbook is created, to attach it to a resource or an event, check the Filters section on how to add the JSONPath or Label Selectors.

List of all commands to interact with Runbook Hub:

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