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Quickstart AWS Setup

Create IAM Roles and User and Register AWS Cloud Account quickly

The Launch Kubernetes quickstart wizard provides a simple mechanism to registser an AWS Account.

  1. Navigate to the Environments section.

  2. Choose the QuickStart wizard to Launch Kubernetes. Select AWS as the option.

  1. In the IAM User Step, provide the AWS Account ID. This will automatically generate a shell script that can be run from your local computer.

  1. Select the AWS region under which you would like to use the AWS Services.

  2. Under Select Operation Type, select the AWS services you would like to use in gopaddle in the AWS Account. For instance, select AWS EKS, AWS ECR and/or AWS SNS services.

In case of AWS EKS service, select Grant access to create Application Load Balancer if you need an Application Load Balancer to be provisioned while launching an EKS cluster.

  1. Copy and execute the generated AWS Setup script. Please follow the steps in Executing AWS Setup script to execute the scripts locally.

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