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👋Welcome to gopaddle

Meet gopaddle: You AI-Powered Kubernetes Companion

Imagine having a smart assistant dedicated to making your life easier when managing Kubernetes, the powerhouse behind your apps. That's gopaddle for you — not just any Integrated Development Environment (IDE) but an AI-assisted one, crafted to navigate the complexities of Kubernetes with ease. Here’s a peek at what makes gopaddle stand out:

  • Live Discovery: Ever wished you could have a live map of your Kubernetes resources and events? gopaddle turns this wish into reality, letting you see everything happening in real-time.

  • Filter with Ease: Finding exactly what you’re looking for among endless resources and events can be daunting. gopaddle simplifies this with smart filtering, letting you zoom in on what matters using Field and Label Selectors.

  • Navigate Your Way: Whether you prefer an overhead view or a detailed path, gopaddle offers both flat and tree views to explore resources, making it a breeze to find your way around.

  • Edit on the Fly: With YAML and OpenAPI Form-based editors, tweaking Kubernetes resources is as easy as pie. Whether you’re a code wizard or prefer a more visual approach, gopaddle has you covered.

  • Troubleshoot Like a Pro: Dive into container logs, open a terminal to poke around, or chat with the AI assistant for troubleshooting tips. gopaddle packs all the developer tools you need for quick fixes.

  • Smart AI Chat Assistant: This isn't just any chatbot. gopaddle’s AI assistant is like having a Kubernetes expert by your side, offering interactive troubleshooting, advice, and even handling sensitive info with care.

And there’s more. gopaddle doesn’t just help you fix things; it also helps you keep track of everything:

  • Sensitive Info? Secured: gopaddle knows the importance of privacy and secures sensitive information away from prying eyes.

  • Streamlined Reviews: Collaborate and approve changes smoothly, ensuring that every tweak meets your standards.

  • Never Lose Track: A detailed history of your chats and changes with the AI is kept, so you’re always in the know.

  • Documentation, Done Right: Say goodbye to scattered notes. gopaddle captures outcomes in Runbooks and Jira tickets, turning solutions into easy-to-follow documentation.

With gopaddle, you’re not just managing Kubernetes; you’re mastering it, with an AI-powered partner to guide you every step of the way.


Quick Issue Resolution

  • Live Discovery and Filtering: By providing a live discovery feature for Kubernetes resources and events, gopaddle enables developers to quickly identify changes or anomalies within the cluster. The easy filtering capabilities using Field and Label Selectors help narrow down potential issues, allowing for faster identification of the root cause.

  • Flat and Tree View Navigation: The ability to navigate Kubernetes resources in both flat and tree views makes it easier for developers to understand the relationships between different resources and how they might be affecting one another. This comprehensive visibility can be critical in diagnosing complex issues.

  • YAML and Form-based Editors: gopaddle’s inclusion of YAML and OpenAPI Form-based editors simplifies the process of editing Kubernetes resources. This allows developers to make quick adjustments or fixes directly within the IDE, speeding up the resolution process.

  • Developer Tools for Troubleshooting: Integrated tools such as container logs and terminals offer immediate access to diagnostic information. Developers can quickly view logs to understand the behavior of containers or use terminals to execute commands directly in the context of specific resources or pods, leading to quicker issue identification and resolution.

  • AI Chat Assistant: The AI Chat Assistant can interactively guide developers through troubleshooting processes, suggesting potential fixes or highlighting areas that require attention. By redacting sensitive information and facilitating a review process, it ensures that troubleshooting remains secure and efficient.

Context-Aware Knowledge Base

  • Documentation of Interactions: By capturing the outcomes from interactions with the AI assistant in the form of context-aware documentation, such as Runbooks and Jira tickets, gopaddle ensures that the knowledge gained from troubleshooting is preserved and easily accessible. This documentation can be referred to in future incidents, speeding up resolution times and improving the efficiency of troubleshooting efforts.

Automatic Support Ticketing

  • Capture Outcome in Jira Tickets: gopaddle can automatically generate Jira tickets based on the interactions with the AI Assistant and the identified issues. This feature ensures that every issue is recorded, prioritized, and assigned within an organization’s existing workflow, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Facilitate Review and Approval Process: The platform’s ability to facilitate a review and approval process for the documentation and actions suggested by the AI assistant helps maintain quality control and adherence to organizational policies. This process ensures that the solutions proposed are vetted and approved by the necessary stakeholders before implementation.

  • History of Data Exchanged: Maintaining a history of the data exchanged with the AI assistant not only helps in the immediate resolution of issues but also improves the automatic support ticketing process by providing detailed context and background information for each ticket. This can be invaluable for teams who may not have been involved in the initial troubleshooting process but are responsible for implementing or verifying the fix.

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