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gopaddle is a low-code multi-cloud governance platform that enables developers to easily provision and manage Kubernetes clusters on multiple cloud environments such as AWS, Google, or Azure, or use their own Kubernetes environments. With gopaddle, developers can manage their environments and workloads from a single, centralized dashboard with ease.
gopaddle Architecture


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    Standardization: Standardize deployments and configurations across multiple cloud providers to improve the portability and re-usability of configurations across different environments. Migrate and deploy workloads to different cloud providers as needed to avoid vendor lock-in.
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    Improved Efficiency: Simplify the management of multi-cloud Kubernetes deployments by providing visibility into common metrics and enabling administrators to manage multiple clouds from a single place.
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    Enhanced Security and Compliance: Monitor and control Kubernetes deployments across multiple cloud environments to improve the overall security posture of an organization's multi-cloud Kubernetes infrastructure and help them remain compliant with industry regulations.
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