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Enable Public IP Node Access for Azure Deployments

Steps to enable public IP access to the work loads deployed on Azure AKS Node pools

The public IP feature has to be enabled for the Azure account before we could set public IP access for a specific node pool.

  1. Download and install Azure CLI by following these steps.

  2. Log in to Azure account.

az login
  1. Add aks-preview extension using azure-cli

az extension add --name aks-preview
  1. Register the NodePublicIPPreview feature

az feature register --name NodePublicIPPreview --namespace Microsoft.ContainerService
  1. Check status using the following command if it moved to 'registered' then the NodePublicIPPreview enabled successfully. It takes nearly 20-30 minutes.

az feature list -o table --query "[?contains(name, 'Microsoft.ContainerService/NodePublicIPPreview')].{Name:name,State:properties.state}"
  1. While adding NodePools to the Azure cluster, choose the β€œEnable Node Public IP β€œ option in the gopaddle UI.

  2. Open the firewall port from your azure account to access the workloads.

β†’ Login to azure portal.

β†’ In the search bar filter β€œNetwork security”. In that list choose your agent pool.

β†’ On the left side panel, click on the β€˜Inbound rule’ option, in that you have to add the port number which you want to open.

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