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AWS Setup Script

Setup the IAM User, Roles and Policies and register the IAM User in gopaddle

AWS Setup Script

The setup script creates an IAM user, role and assigns required permissions to use the AWS Services in gopaddle platform. It then registers the newly created IAM User Credentials in gopaddle.

You can choose to execute the steps manually. The script can be downloaded from

The script assigns fine-grained permissions to the newly created IAM User based on the region and the services selected.

Executing AWS Setup script

Perform these steps in your local desktop environment

  1. Install & Configure AWS CLI and the required utilities - jq, unzip.

apt update
apt install -y jq unzip
curl "" -o ""
sudo ./aws/install
  1. Create an AWS IAM User with these admin privileges. These privileges are required to create a new IAM user, assign roles to the user and register the IAM User in gopaddle. To review the policies associated with these roles, check the IAM Access Policies.

  2. Configure the AWS CLI with the IAM admin user credentials

aws configure
  1. Execute the script generated in Quickstart AWS Setup in your local environment

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