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🙋AI Assistant

Discover how to engage with your AI assistant in gopaddle for Kubernetes management. This guide covers initiating chats, selecting contexts, and receiving AI-powered troubleshooting tips.

How to Supercharge gopaddle with AI Assistance

Bringing the power of AI to your Kubernetes management just got easier with gopaddle. Ready to chat with an AI Assistant right within gopaddle? Here’s a quick guide on how to bring ChatGPT into your workflow:

  1. Register Your OpenAI Key: Jump into the ChatGPT registration section and register your OpenAI key. It’s the first step to unlock AI-driven insights and assistance directly in gopaddle.

  2. Seamless Data Handling: As you navigate through your Kubernetes clusters, gopaddle is your smart middleman. It gathers context from your Kubernetes environment and preps the information for you. And don’t worry about sensitive data — we automatically take care of redacting that for you.

  3. Approval Before Action: Review the AI-prepped content, and once you give the green light, gopaddle forwards it to the AI. It’s collaboration with a safety net.

  4. History at Your Fingertips: Keep track of all your AI interactions neatly under Settings -> ChatGPT -> History. Never lose context or forget a conversation.

Starting a Chat: It's as Easy as Clicking on a Resource

Whether you're troubleshooting a specific Kubernetes resource or an event has caught your attention, initiating a chat is pretty simple. Just head over to Cluster -> Resources, and you're all set to start the dialogue.

What Can You Chat About?

When launching a chat from a Kubernetes resource, gopaddle collects the below context to faciliate the chat:

  • Resource Specifications: Dive deep into the nitty-gritty of your resources. In Tree View, you’ll get insights into not just your primary resource but its related children too.

  • Node Specifications: Get specifics when your resource is cozily sitting on a node.

  • Container Logs: Specifically for Pods in Flat View, and broadened to Deployments, ReplicaSets, Jobs, and StatefulSets with Tree View.

  • Kubernetes Events: Start a conversation directly from a Kubernetes resource’s event.

  • Prometheus Alerts & Metrics: Get the lowdown on alerts in a "Fired" state and explore available metrics.

And if your chat is initiated from a Kubernetes event, the dialogue can include:

  • Event Specifications: Like with resources, Tree View gives you a comprehensive look at related specifications.

  • Involved Object: Dive into the details of the object at the heart of the event.

  • Node Specifications & Prometheus Insights: Just as with resources, these contexts are at your fingertips.

Bringing AI into your Kubernetes management with gopaddle not only enhances your ability to understand and react to your environment but does so with an emphasis on security, ease of use, and comprehensive support for your Kubernetes landscape.

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