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Release Notes 4.2.4
Release Notes 4.2.4
Release notes for gopaddle 4.2.4
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  • Added gpctl and quickstart wizard support for GoLang, Python2, and Python3.

  • Optimized & reduced the Quickstart base image size

  • gopaddle lite - community edition - better wait conditions until gopaddle services are available for use

Support Matrix

Project Type

Gopaddle UI

gpctl Support


Long-running services

Terminal based services

Utilities, libraries, and short-lived binaries

Supported Languages

Java, NodeJS, GoLang, Python 2&3, .NET Core

Java, NodeJS, GoLang, Python 2&3, .NET Core

Java, NodeJS, GoLang, Python 2&3

Base OS

All Linux

Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04

Source Control Repositories

GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket (Hosted & Managed)

GitHub (Hosted & Managed)

GitHub (Hosted & Managed)

Quickstart Wizard Support matrix


Supported Languages







Python 2


Python 3


Issues fixed (Enterprise & SaaS editions)

  • Registering an external cluster registration fails with an FQDN error

  • When EKS cluster is registered as an external cluster, nodes do not get listed

  • Incorrect default zone settings when a new EKS node pool is added to an existing cluster

  • Application launch failed with the 'Resource package not found' error

  • Accessing an application endpoint fails when the application is launched with the 'Ingress with Load Balancer' option

  • EKS cluster creation failed with "Encountered invalid input: Cluster.Kube.Version Should be valid" Error.

  • Generating Helm chart through UI fails

Issues fixed (Across all editions)

  • Incorrect Owner information while listing gopaddle resources

  • Added activities for quickstart and gpctl init events

  • Added dependency information for all the resources

  • Fixed unauthorized token error through gpctl

  • Fail gracefully when continuous integration is enabled for the public code repository

  • Disable build on commit - continuous integration for container with public repositories

Known Issues

Issue: In case of a GKE cluster provisioned through gopaddle, sometimes the cluster version is not listed in the UI. In this scenario, even though the cluster is in running state, any application launch or a container build using this cluster will fail with Invalid AuthType.

Resolution: Delete the cluster and relaunch the cluster.

Issue: When an EKS cluster is provisioned through gopaddle with all subnets as private subnets, then the cluster moves to a running state but the nodes do not get listed.

Issue: Sometimes quickstart docker command fails with Failed on creating Container: {"message":"Key: 'ServiceConfig.Network.Ports' Error:Field validation for 'Ports' failed on the 'unique' tag","requestID":"962c5f4f-c2cc-4ba6-b883-04ffa1c87e3a"}

Resolution: Cleanup the docker image in the local desktop using the command below and retry the quickstart docker command.

docker rm -f -v $(docker ps -a | grep "gopaddle/gpctl:4.2.4" | cut -d " " -f 1) docker rm -f -v $(docker ps -a | grep "gopaddle/gpctl:4.2.4-python3" | cut -d " " -f 1) 
docker rmi gopaddle/gpctl:4.2.4 gopaddle/gpctl:4.2.4-python3

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