1. As the gopaddle (root) account holder user, login to the gopaddle console

2. Click on the profile icon in the top navigation panel and select Teams.

3. Under Access Control List section, create a new Role with the required privileges. Provide a role name, select a service and click Add Permissions to add to the role permissions list. Then click on Add Role to add the role.

4. Under Team section, add a user with a password and assign the role created in the previous step.

5. Once the sub-user is created, click on the sub-user actions option to set the API token, add/modify user roles, delete the user or change password.

6. For the sub-user login, you need to share the username, the initial password and the account id with the sub-user. You can fetch the account Id from the user profile section.

7. Sub-users can login by choosing the Team Login link in the login page.

8. Using the accountId, username and password, the sub-users can login to gopaddle portal.

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