1. Install gpctl on your local machine. As of now, gpclt is qualified with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

2. Change permissions for the binary

# chmod 0777 gpctl

3. Set the PATH variable to include the absolute path to the download folder. Check if gpctl binary is recognized.

# export PATH=$PATH:<downloadPath>
# which gpctl

4. Using gpctl, login to the gopaddle account. In order to login to the gopaddle account, the gopaddle (root) account holder must create a team user with required privileges. Follow the steps mentioned here to create a sub-user and fetch the account Id.

Note: If you are sub-user, you must request the gopaddle (root) account holder for the accountId, your login username and password for the initial login. Using this login credential you can login to the gopaddle console and reset the password.

You can now login to the account using gpctl using this sub-user username, password and the account Id.

gpctl login -userName=<username> -accountID=<accountId> -password=<password> -endPoint=<gopaddleEndPoint>
  • endPoint - gopaddle end point to connect to. If you are connecting to the gopaddle SaaS portal, then the endPoint is https://portal.gopaddle.io
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