Adding a Docker Registry
Steps to create or registry AWS ECR, Google GCR or Azure ACR Registries in gopaddle portal
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gopaddle supports Docker private registry and registries offered by cloud providers - AWS ECR, Google GCR and Azure ACR. The respective cloud accounts need to be registered before adding the registry in the gopaddle portal.

Steps to add a registry

1. To add a registry, navigate to the Settings option in the top navigation bar. Select Registry.
2. Click on Add Registry. Choose the Provider type.

a) AWS ECR Registry

b) Google GCR Registry

c) Azure ACR Registry

In case of Azure Registry, the registry needs to be created in the Azure portal before adding it to the gopaddle portal.

1. Login to the Azure portal, and search for container registry in the top navigation panel.

2. Choose Container Registry and click on + Add to add a new Container Registry

3. In the Create container registry form provide a registry name, resource group, location and the SKU type. All three types of SKUs (Basic, Standard and Premium) are support in gopaddle.

4. Create the container registry

5. Once created, navigate to the container registry administration page.

6. Under Settings, select Access Keys

Enable Admin user. This will generate a username and password to access the registry.

7. Navigate back to gopaddle, and choose the Provider type as Azure in the Docker Registry page.

8. Provide the docker registry name, resource group, and the access credentials copied from step - 1.

9. Provide the subscription ID created while registering the cloud account or search for subscriptions in the top navigation panel in the Azure portal. This will list all the subscriptions along with their Subscription ID.

d) Harbor Registry

To register a Harbor registry with gopaddle, please follow the steps below:

  1. In the case of a Harbor registry, make a note of the Harbor portal URL, username, password, and the project name.

  2. If you are planning on registering the Harbor registry using the sub-user credentials, make sure the sub-user has enough permissions to both push and pull docker images to the project. For instance, you can assign a 'Developer' role to the user for a selected project.

    Click on the project in the Harbor portal.

    For more information on the Harbor user permissions, check the link.

  3. Make sure the Harbor configuration is set to both read and write mode. As an admin user, check the Harbor configuration, and the Repository Read Only option should be disabled.

  4. In the gopaddle portal, select the Registry type as Docker Private Hub.

  5. Provide the Harbor username as User and the password as token.

    Provide the Harbor portal URL as the Registry URL. You must include the complete URL. Eg.

  6. Uncheck the Docker Hosted Repo ?

  7. Provide the Harbor project name as Organization (or) Project Name.

  8. Click on Register to register the Harbor registry.

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