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Deleting a Node pool in EKS fails
Deleting a Node pool in EKS fails
Deleting a Node pool in EKS fails
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Deleting a node pool in EKS cluster fails and the node pool is moved to "Failed" state, however the nodes within the pool are deleted.

The Activity log show the following failure message.

This happens when an application is deployed on the EKS cluster and is scheduled on the nodepool which is being deleted. The network interfaces for the nodepool are not deleted automatically. Security group has a dependency on the Network interface and thus the node pool deletion fails with a Dependency Violation error.


Deleting a nodepool when in use can cause unpredictable application behavior.
  1. Detach and Delete the network interfaces from the AWS console directly.

  2. Delete the nodepool from the gopaddle console or from the AWS console.

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