Alert Policies specify the rules to send send notifications to one of the registered Notification Channel when an event occurs on a gopaddle resource. Alert Policies can be attached to an existing Container or a running Application.


  • A Notification Channel. Check Creating Notifications for more information.

  • Source Code or Docker Project based Container¬†

  • A running Application

Steps to Create an Alert

  1. In the left navigation panel, click on Alert Policies and choose Create new alert

  2. Choose the Resource Type. 4 different resource types are supported :

a) Container

b) Application

c) gopaddle Cluster Add-Ons (gopaddle managed add-ons like prometheus, grafana, storidge cio etc)

d) Kube System Services (default kube system services and deployments)

3. Choose the resource name for a Container or an Application resource to which the Alert Policy needs to be attached.

4. Based on the Resource Type choose the corresponding Resource Events.

Available Build Events

  • CreateBuild - Triggered when the selected Container is built successfully. Event is not triggered for failed builds.

Available Application/ Add On/ Kube System Events

  • ServiceRollingUpdate - Rolling Update Completed

  • ServiceRollback - Rollback Initiated

  • ApplicationDelete - Application Delete initiated

  • BackOff - Service restart failed due to ImagePullBackOff (or) CrashloopBackOff

  • ProvisioningFailed - Service Provisioning Failed

  • FailedAttachVolume - Failed to Attach Volume

  • FailedMountVolume - Failed to Mount Volume

  • InvalidEnvironmentVariableNames - Invalid Environment Variable Names

5. Choose one of the pre-registered Notification Channel to send the alerts when an event occurs.

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