Alert Policies specify the rules to send send notifications to one of the registered Notification Channel when an event occurs on a gopaddle resource. Alert Policies can be attached to an existing Container or a running Application.


  • A Notification Channel
  • Source Code or Docker Project based Container¬†
  • A running Application

Steps to Create an Alert

  1. In the left navigation panel, click on Alert Policies and choose Create new alert
  2. Choose the Resource Type as Container or Application. 
  3. Choose the resource name for a Container or an Application resource to which the Alert Policy needs to be attached.

4. Based on the Resource Type choose the corresponding Resource Events.

Available Build Events

  • CreateBuild - Triggered when the selected Container is built successfully. Event is not triggered for failed builds.

Available Build Events

  • RollingUpdate - Triggered when a rolling update operation succeeds in the selected Application
  • Rollback - Triggered when a rollback operation succeeds in the selected Application

5. Choose one of the pre-registered Notification Channel to send the alerts when an event occurs.

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