One or more containers can be added to a Service along with a set of policies that define the way the containers have to allocated, deployed and scaled. 


  1. A Service

  2. Shared Folder or Persistent Volume : To add a Container with Data Folder, the Service must have atleast one Shared Folder or Persistent Volume Label.

  3. Container Build: To add a Source Code Based or a Docker Project Based container, a successful build has to be created before adding the Container to a Service.

  4. Allocation Policy (Optional) : If no new Allocation Policy is created, then you can choose the Default Allocation Policy for the Container

Steps to add a Container to a Service

1. In the left panel, select Services. Click on the Action option for a Service and select Add Containers

2. In the Add wizard, Select a container and its version. If it is a Source Code Based or a Docker Project Based container, select the Build Version as well.

3. If the Container has a Data Folder, then choose the Volume Type as Shared Folder or a Persistent Volume and choose a label.

4. If the Container has network ports, then choose those ports that you would like to access externally.

5. Choose the Allocation policy to associate with the Container.

6. Click on Add Container to add the Container to the Service.

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