If you are registering a Source Control Account from a Source Control Management (SCM) system like github, gitlab or bitbucket, you may have to register an SCM Authenticator prior to registering an account. Please check the SCM Authenticator Reference table to determine whether an Authenticator is required for an SCM. In order to register an authenticator, follow the steps mentioned here.

Steps to register a Source Control Account in gopaddle

  1. Navigate to the Build Configuration options in the left panel and select Source Control option.

  2. Select the Source Control Repositories Tab. 

  3. Choose an authentication type based on the reference table above. For example, to register an SCM account from a managed service like https://github.com or https://gitlab.com or https://bitbucket.org in managed gopaddle (SaaS) account, choose the default authenticator.

  4. Click Register to register the account. This automatically directors to the Single-Sign-On window of the SCM portal. 

  5. Once you login to the SCM account, it will automatically redirect you to the gopaddle portal and register the SCM account. 

Using projects under github Organization

If you wish to use a project within a github organization, you must select the organization while performing the Single Sign On. If you have access to the project, then you can see a green icon as below.

You can check the request approval status, login to your github accoun, under your github Settings -> Applications -> Authorized OAuth Apps, select portal.gopaddle.io. The Organization access section will show the approval.

The organization owner will receive a request email. Once the request is approved, you can use the project in gopaddle to list the branches / tags in Container Build Scripts.

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