Volumes from a Cloud platform can be registered in gopaddle to be statically attached to an Application. In order to register the volume, the Cloud Account needs to be pre-registered in gopaddle by following the steps here.

Steps to Register an Existing Persistent Volume

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure option in the left panel and click Volumes

  2. Select Register Volume. In the Register Volume page, choose the Cloud Account  and the Region from which you would like to register the volumes.

3. Once the Cloud Account and the Region are selected, if there are any volumes available in the region (both Bound and Unbound), those volumes will be listed for registration.
4. Name the volume and select the Storage Type as Block or File System. If a File System is chosen, then provide the File System Type. Supported File System Types are XFS, EXT3 and EXT4.

If you are choosing filesystem Storage Type and if there is a mismatch between the File System Type provided and the actual filesytem in the volume, the volume will be reformatted with the File System Type provided here.

5. Choose the mode as ReadWriteOnce or ReadWriteMany.
6. Once all the fields are filled, select the volumes in the Action Column and click Register.
Once a volume is registered, and is in Unbound state, it can be attached to an application at the time of deployment. 

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