If you already have a managed Kubernetes cluster like Amazon EKS, Google GKE or Azure AKS or an on-premise Kubernetes cluster, you can register it in gopaddle for further application deployments.

Clusters can be registered using Password based authentication or using Kubernetes Configuration files.

Currently only password based authentication is supported for registering a Google GKE cluster.

Steps to register an external or pre-existing Kubernetes Cluster

  1. Navigate to the Infrastructure option in the left panel and select Clusters

  2. In the Cluster page, choose Register External Cluster and select Register

  3. In the Cluster registration wizard, provide a Cluster Name, its IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), and the Kubernetes proxy / master port.

  4. Choose the Authentication type.

  5. In case of password based authentication provide the Username and Password of the master

6. In case of Configuration file based authentication, upload the Kubernetes Configuration file.

Port Access

gopaddle will connect with the Kubernetes cluster using the endpoint specified at the time of registration. Hence ensure that the required firewall ports are opened for the kubernetes master IP and port for INGRESS type for global CIDR (

In case of registering the cluster via Bastion Host, ensure that the SSH tunnel port is opened for the SSH server IP and port for INGRESS type for global CIDR (

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