Pager Duty

Add PagerDuty as a Notification Channel to receive Kubernetes events
a) Login to your PagerDuty account b) Click on Configurations option from the top navigation bar and choose Services c) Create a new Service with the below configurations Select the Integration Type as Use our API directly with Events API v2.
d) Click on Add Service to create a new Service e) Once the Service is created, click on the Service to view the Service details. Under Integrations tab, choose the Integration Key generated for the Service.
Copy the Integration Key from PagerDuty Portal
f) In the gopaddle portal, navigate to the Settings -> Notifications -> Notification Channels section.
h) Click on Add Notification Channel to add a Notification channel
i) Select the Notification Type as Pagerduty
Create PagerDuty Notification Channel
j) Provide the PagerDuty Service Name, and the Service Key to add the notification channel.
Last modified 2mo ago