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Release Notes 4.2.6
Release Notes 4.2.6
Announcing enhancements and updates on gopaddle release 4.26
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Installer Enhancements

  • Support for Docker Desktop (on Linux & MacOS) and SUSE Rancher Prime Marketplace

  • All Vulnerabilities fixed in gopaddle installer base images

  • Addition of AWS SSM agent in base images to support all private EKS Clusters.

New Functionalities

  • UI Revamp - including better representation of applications & DevOps dashboards.

  • Design Studio - Introducing the design studio, a workspace where Kubernetes specifications can be discovered from existing clusters or new specifications can be created using UI wizards. Design Studio provides the golden path to create Kubernetes resources and helps to save time and effort by eliminating manual errors in writing YAML files.

  • Auto-Discovery of Kubernetes resources

    With v4.2.6, developers can not only create new Kubernetes resources using Design Studio, they can also start managing their existing applications and resources that are already running in a Kubernetes cluster. As soon as an existing cluster is registered with gopaddle (or) when a new cluster is provisioned through gopaddle, gopaddle automatically triggers a discovery process through which it discovers the Kubernetes resources that are present in the cluster. The corresponding Kubernetes specifications are automatically added to the Design Studio, which gives a visual representation of the resources. Namespaces that are already present in the cluster can be viewed under the Applications section.

    ℹ️ Discovery process may take a few minutes to complete. To check the status of the discovery, navigate to the Environments section, select and view the cluster. Under the Discovery Activities tab, choose the recent discovery ID to check the status of the discovery process.

    ⚠️ NOTE: Few of the  Kubernetes resources will not be discovered in the current release. Please check the Discovery limitations section below.

  • Marketplace revamped

    In v4.2.6, gopaddle marketplace is fully compatible with Helm Charts. Subscribing to a template from the gopaddle marketplace, adds the resources to the Design Studio. This helps to visualize the helm resources and then launch the blueprint using a UI wizard based approach.

  • EKS All Private with Bastion Host (beta) - Getting Started

    Developers can provision an all private EKS cluster within a private VPC/Subnet with no access to Internet. gopaddle provisions a bastion host and configures secure access to the cluster using SSM agent.

    ⚠️ NOTE: gopaddle QuickStart wizard does not support private EKS cluster.
    ⚠️ NOTE: Need Administrative privileges to provision private EKS cluster via gopaddle. Check the getting started guide to provision a private EKS Cluster via gopaddle. Getting Started -
    ⚠️ NOTE: gopaddle add-ons will not be installed on this cluster. Because of this monitoring, and alerting will not work on this clusters.

  • gpctl gen - Generate Multi-Stage Dockerfile (in private beta)

    Generate a multi-stage Dockerfile from GitHub based source control system. gopaddle command line utility - gpctl automatically discovers the dependencies and application configurations and generates an optimal Dockerfile. The utility supports Ubunu based applications - Java, Go, Python, .Net Core etc.

    Here is a sample multi-stage Dockerfile generated using gpctl.

    🚩 Currently gpctl gen capability is available as private beta. Write to us @ to get an early access to this utility.

  • gopaddle Lite Subscriptions - Free, Developer, Team and Professional

    gopaddle lite is a life-time free single-node/single-user version of gopaddle that can be installed on a Kubernetes environment. In v4.2.6, gopaddle lite has flexible subscriptions that starts with a free version. By unlocking different levels of subscriptons, users can get a full-fledged DevOps automation to suit their needs.

    • Free - Life-time free access to - DevOps dashboard, Design Studio, Viewing the status of applications in the local cluster and building new docker images.

    • Developer - Access to Application Metrics, Developer tools like container terminal and logs, launching new Applications, running container vulnerability scans and using NFS volumes for stateful applications

    • Team - Registering external clusters other than the local cluster, creating CI/CD pipelines, setting events and alerts, accessing detailed events dashboard, using TLS/SSL certificates and ingress to launch new applications

    • Professional - Access to Multi-Cloud capability to provision EKS, GKE and AKS and centrally managing different clusters, securely connecting to an existing cluster through bastion host, option to register self-hosted Docker registries like Harbor and self-hosted source control systems like GitHub or GitLab, generating Helm Charts or multi-stage Dockerfiles (private beta), managing parallel releases and distributions.

      A complete list of capabilities under each of the subscriptions is available under the Subscriptions section under user profile.

  • Add-ons version upgrades - New versions of add-ons include the below:

  • New K8s versions supported - v1.25 - v1.27

  • Support for new Kubernetes resource specifications

    • AllowPrivilegeEscalation & runAsNonRoot

    • Container HealthCheck, Network Policy and Pod/Node Affinity in line with the Kubernetes specification

    • Labels & Annotations support for Deployments, StatefulSets and Pods.

  • Patch calls for inline updates - Editing an application through gopaddle UI performs granular updates on Kubernetes resources using patch calls without impacting the entire deployment.

  • Rolling update across releases and distributions - Support for rolling updates on container images built and tagged across different releases (ie, different Git branches and tags) and distributions.

  • gopaddle Weekly report (for gopaddle lite users) - gopaddle sends a weekly report on the cluster and application usage/events to the registered email ID.

  • Check for gopaddle new releases through gopaddle UI - A new capability to check for new gopaddle lite versions available and list the features added/removed or updated.

  • Recursive Delete - Delete resources and its dependencies in a recursive fashion from the gopaddle UI.

  • Dark Mode support - View gopaddle UI in dark mode.

  • gopaddle lite on Marketplaces:

    gopaddle lite is now available in a variety of marketplaces, including microk8s addon and on Akamai Linode. In 4.2.6, gopaddle installer is enhanced to support new marketplace support.

Removed Support

  • Removed support for volume metrics as the new versions of gopaddle add-ons do not have native support for volume metrics. We will be considering this capability in the future releases.

Discovery Limitations

  • Namespaces with no Deployments / StatefulSet are not discovered.

  • Any policy or a resource that is not used by a Deployment / StatefulSet is discovered. For instance, if a Persistent Volume is provision but not mounted inside a StatefulSet will not be discovered.

  • CRDs are not supported

  • Annotations and Labels are supported only for Pods / Deployments / StatefulSets

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