Installer Enhancements

  • Airgapped support for gopaddle onpremise installer

  • Optimized & reduced the gopaddle images - Moved from bulky gopaddle base images to Alpine images

  • Better healthcheck and capacity optimizatin for gopaddle installer. New installer requires only 4vCPU and 8GB RAM compared to 4vCPU and 32 GB RAM.

  • Support for Containerd and Ctr formats for gopaddle images

  • Security Vulnerabilities in the base images fixed.

  • gopaddle lite - community edition - removed wait condition from the enable script

  • gopaddle lite installer for macOS

New Functionalities

  • Support for self-signed cerificates in gpctl and Dockerize Quick Start Wizard

  • Quick start wizard for Jenkins and Azure DevOps pipelines

  • Quick start wizard to onboard Google cloud, AWS cloud and create GKE or AKS clusters

  • Better User Experience UI layout for release management

Bug Fixes

  • Enable multiple alert rules for the same Container or Application. If a notification channel for one alert rule is unreachable or broken, the rest of the alert rules did not get triggered.

  • Default deployment policy - desired replica count set to 1.

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