When an application is deployed, the services are stuck in pending state in the application view page. When a specific replica is viewed, it shows the error - 0/1 nodes are available: <nodecount> Too many pods.

Under containers, there are no containers provisioned.


This error could happen due to 2 reasons.

  1. The number of replicas provisioned on a specific node exceeded the maximum limit assigned on that node.

  2. The number of private IP addresses assigned to the replicas exceeded the maximum number of private IPs possible for node size.

In both scenarios, the cluster does not automatically scale and add another node. To overcome this issue, you can increase the desired node code in the cluster.

Navigate to the cluster view page, click on the node pool and edit the desired node count.

Below are the list of node pool fields to be edited for different types of managed clusters.

Managed Cluster

Nodepool Field


Desired Capacity

Google GKE

Initial Count

Azure AKS

Desired Count

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