The public IP feature has to be enabled for the Azure account before we could set public IP access for a specific node pool.

Step 1: Install Azure CLI on your machine.

Step 2: Log in to Azure account.

az login

Step 3: Add aks-preview extension using azure-cli

az extension add --name aks-preview

Step 4: Register the NodePublicIPPreview feature

az feature register --name NodePublicIPPreview --namespace Microsoft.ContainerService

Step 5: Check status using the following command if it moved to 'registered' then the NodePublicIPPreview enabled successfully. It takes nearly 20-30 minutes.

az feature list -o table --query "[?contains(name, 'Microsoft.ContainerService/NodePublicIPPreview')].{Name:name,State:properties.state}"

Step 6: While adding NodePools to the Azure cluster, choose the “Enable Node Public IP “ option in the gopaddle UI.

Step 7: Open the firewall port from your azure account to access the workloads.

→ Login to azure portal.

→ In the search bar filter “Network security”. In that list choose your agent pool.

→ On the left side panel, click on the ‘Inbound rule’ option, in that you have to add the port number which you want to open.

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