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Unauthorized, token not found
Unauthorized, token not found
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While running the "docker run <arguments>" command generated by the last step in the Quick Install Wizard (or for that matter any gopaddle command such as gpctl), you may encounter a failure of the gopaddle operation with the error:

Failed on getting project information :  {"reason":"Unauthorized, token not found"}


gopaddle uses tokens for the sessions it establishes to on-board Applications to gopaddle in the Quick Install Wizard. There is a default token used by gopaddle. This is shown in Step 1 in the Quick Install Wizard. These tokens have a life-time. Hence, using the default token beyond its life-time generates the error shown above. When this happens, it is time to 'refresh' the token.


The token 'refresh' can be done in the following steps:

  • Click on your "Profile" icon in the gopaddle dashboard UI (located at the top right-most corner), select "Account Settings"

  • Scroll down in this page to the end. There is a section titled "Personal Access Token" under which 'default' token entry is listed.

  • Hover under "Actions' for this 'default' token entry, and click on 'Refresh API token" icon.

  • You will see an Alert message "API token refreshed successfully".

Your default token is now refreshed. This new default token will now be automatically used in Step 1 of the Quick Install Wizard.

The last Step in the Quick Install Wizard generates a "docker run <arguments>" command. If you encounter the above error while executing this command which was generated earlier, you will have to replace the value of the field GP_API_TOKEN with the new 'refreshed' token value, as shown:


docker run ... GP_API_TOKEN=<old token value> ...


docker run ... GP_API_TOKEN=<new token value> ...

Once the above is done, your 'docker run <arguments>' command will succeed.

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