gopaddle is a light weight development platform that helps to build, deploy and manage Cloud Native Applications across different Cloud and on-premise environments.

Why use gopaddle ?

1. Separation of Concerns

gopaddle is built for modern teams who are agile and distributed. They rely on microservices architecture to make just-in-time releases.

Distributed teams can utilize the Roles and Access Controls in gopaddle so that different teams can own different stages of software lifecycle. Resources in gopaddle are created and managed in a granular fashion so that different resources can be owned by different teams. For example, developers can onboard a container, QA teams can test it, architects can integrate multiple containers and IT teams can manage the environments and deployments. 

2. Faster Transformation

 gopaddle abstracts the complexities of Docker/Kubernetes stack by automatically generating the required specification files based on user inputs. It also offers in-built service catalog, monitoring and logging capabilities which speeds up the transformation process.

3.  Flexible Options

gopaddle offers two sub-products named Deck and Propeller. Deck helps build Docker containers while Propeller helps deploy and manage larger Cloud Native Applications. Based on the phase of your modernization effort, you can choose to use both of these products or either of them.

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