gopaddle integrates with AWS API to provision and centrally manage multiple clusters across multiple Cloud Accounts without having to navigate across different Cloud portals.

Here is a quick video on creating an EKS with different types of nodepools.


Creating an Amazon EKS cluster, requires the associated AWS Cloud Account to be registered. In order to register an AWS Cloud Account, follow the steps here.

Steps to create an Amazon EKS cluster

  1. Navigate to the Infrastructure option in the left panel and select Clusters

  2. Choose Create a Cluster and select Create

  3. Name the cluster, and choose AWS EKS as the Cloud Provider

4. Choose the pre-registered AWS Cloud Account and the Region where the EKS cluster needs to be created.
5. gopaddle creates the required VPC and the subnets to create the EKS cluster. Based on the region selected, it determines the number of availability zones and creates those many subnets in the VPC.  Provide the VPC CIDR range and its Subnet CIDR.

6. Creating an EKS cluster requires an IAM role to be associated with the master node and to the node pools in the Cluster as well. Since the IAM policy provided during the AWS Cloud Account registration assumes permissions to create an IAM role, you need to create an IAM role manually by clicking on the Create option next to the Master Role option. 

This feature to create IAM Role manually helps keep track of any changes to the IAM Roles with complete transparency. 

Follow the steps here to create a master Role and provide the ARN in the Master Role ARN input box.

7. Creating an EKS cluster requires atleast 1 node pool to be created. Follow the steps here to create a node pool.
9. Add Node Pool and then click Create

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